I Asked Her

Love and Scenery

I asked her if she would read a love poetry book,

She said she surely would, all she thinks about is love.

She told me she wonders why men don’t express themselves,

Whether society has taken over their minds of what’s masculinity.

I told her I’d write a love poetry book just for her,

She’d be the only one that’s on my mind while I wrote it.

The excitement in her eyes spoke enough she didn’t have to speak,

I knew how much writing this book would mean to her.

365 love poems/love letters to the woman I loved dearly,

She could wake up to a love poem everyday of the year.

I can see her now that she’d read ahead just to see what I’d say next,

I wouldn’t mind at all, seeing the glow in her eyes would say enough.

Seeing that beautiful smile when she reads it everyday would be fulfilling,

Knowing that my self-expression showed my true appreciation for her.

I know I can go into a comfort zone in my own world,

Sitting in my room with my Bose headphones on for hours at a time.

As I sit on my bed with my laptop in front of me with love music playing,

Getting ideas from these talented R&B music artists, allowing my thoughts to flow.

I asked her what she would want me to write about,

She told me anything and everything that comes to my mind.

From the day we met each other, my true thoughts going on up top,

To how I fell in love with her and the day I knew she was right for me.

She wants me to express how I feel when our eyes meet,

How when we kiss, what my body feels like when the love signals flow through me.

I asked her to tell me more, I wanted to get inside of her mind,

The goal was to pick her brain just to get some ideas even though I had a few.

She wanted to know how I felt when I was about to tell her I loved her,

She wanted me to write about how I feel when she’s not around.

How I think and what keeps me going in regards to love,

Now I know she’s my reason for why I’m so inspired and motivated daily.

She’s that delicate rose in a garden full of tulips,

Tulips are great flowers but a rose signifies love to me.

There’s just something about her where I’m inspired to continually write,

She was the woman I needed to keep my mind stimulated all of the time.