My Mind Drifts

Lost in the Clouds

The world is a cold place,

So my mind drifts a lot.

Physically I’m here,

Mentally I’m far away.

My mind is in my own safe haven,

Where current events of the world don’t engulf me.

Sports and music keep me sane,

And the few friends and family I talk to.

Not much keeps my attention,

People bore me a lot.

Phones are used for texting too much,

Engaging conversations no longer exist.

There isn’t much of a challenge to to things these days,

Which is why I challenge and motivate myself a lot.

I’m a loner, mostly to myself,

As I let my thoughts consume me.

My mind leave this planet and goes elsewhere,

Into my own world where there’s peace of mind.

It’s all I strive for at this point of my life,

Nothing else matters as tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.