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Why are there some behaviors that we just can’t seem to change? No matter what we do, we repeat the same pattern over and over. As I write, it’s mid-January and we are in the middle of everybody earnestly slaving away on their new year’s resolutions. We all want to…

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I’m two years old in an oxygen tent in the hospital. They say I have bad lungs. I don’t feel good and I’m sad and I want my mommy. The nurse says, “Be a good girl — don’t cry. She’ll be here in the morning.” I bury my face in…

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Cognitive distortions are errors in thinking that continue even when there is obvious contradictory evidence (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary). All cognitive distortions share three characteristics:

Par example, an individual…

Self-esteem is, essentially, how you feel about yourself. It is the degree of confidence you have in your abilities, appearance, and/or worth as a person. Many people have less than optimal self-esteem for any number of reasons including:

  • Being overtly told we are not good enough (could relate to intellect…

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“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.” — Mahatma Gandhi

I recently returned to work after a brief hiatus. Ok, it was stress leave. Anywho, I was…

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We liked to call the facility “rehab” because it sounded way cooler, but the counselors scolded us. “This is a treatment facility for women struggling with addiction. We are not here to rehabilitate you, we are here to help guide you on your new life path.” Whatever. I’m a Mom…

I have found the practice of gratitude to be a cornerstone piece in my recovery. When I was in treatment for alcohol addiction, we all had to share something we were grateful for every day. And while it was kind of annoying at the time (mind you, what wasn’t?), …

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Ok enough. Please. My head is spinning and if I read another article on the fast track formula to 10X my success to a 7 figure income I am going to lose it. I am saturated. No — super-saturated. I have absorbed more words rearranged in different ways, saying the…

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Be a good girl
Don’t argue
Be nice
Just get along
Don’t raise your voice
Don’t tell
Don’t make up stories
Don’t be silly
Do well in school
Be friendly
Don’t talk to strangers
Be more like her
Don’t cause a fuss
Be skinny
Be sexy
Don’t be a tease
Why don’t you put out?
You wanted it
Shut up
Forget about it
Don’t tell anyone
Have a drink

Why the two aren’t mutually exclusive

I do intermittent fasting and just had two handfuls of M&M’s for breakfast this morning (during my fasting time). Why? Because they were there and I Freakin’ LOVE M&Ms!!

Here’s my point: I’m not going to get all worked up about it because if there is anything I have learned…

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