Geometric Encoding of light connects consciousness to Infinity and beyond!!

This article is part of our Universal Consciousness course

Grids facilitate the connection of consciousness in the physical realm. We’re going to introduce the mechanism of this connection, and connect to the girds using geometric visualizations and vibration to send and receive information. We will also talk briefly about natural vs artificial grids.

For this lesson, we will focus on the natural grids in the Milky Way galaxy, including the planetary, solar system, and galactic solar grids. …

This article is a lesson in our open Universal Consciousness Course

In simple terms, a density refers to and ascending level or layer of consciousness.

Looking back to dimensions, all of the knowable information was extended with each additional dimension, making all previous information just a snapshot, so the dimension above has access to all the information, while the one below has only a tiny sliver of information about the dimension above it.

Densities, however, are folded into each other.

Here’s the harmonious take on what’s really happening in our galaxy.

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Reminder: Always seek many sources of information and find what resonates with you.

Art by Karelia Blum using elements from Vashta Narada

What is an “Alien”?

I’m not a huge fan of the word Alien, whether applied to humans or ETs. In fact, beings on other worlds are much closer to us than you may think, as we will discuss very soon.

Let’s think of them as non-terrestrial humans, or better yet, just humanoids.

So who are these humanoids? Well, there’s way more groups of humanoids in the galaxy as there are human groups on Earth. …

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind shows us how to contact our galactic brothers and sisters

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Promo poster for the Film

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind not only clearly proves human-initiated contact with higher life forms happens, it directs the conversation to our conscious evolution together as one planetary consciousness, with the support of open contact with move evolved brothers of other lifespheres.

Those who have been following Dr. Greer closely are well-ready to view this film, though to the unacquainted, there are a few “trip points” which require previous information to continue with the narrative.

I want you to make it to the end of the film and hear Dr. Greer’s message…

Unpack emotional baggage through targeted self-massage

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. I am re-telling this technique that was told to me by someone who learned it in India. The original technique is different. It works well as described, but you are welcome to seek the original technique, and if you find it please share in a response.

Sitting on a park bench in Amsterdam, I was engaged in conversation with a fellow traveler I had met and was spending the day with. We had just discussed her trip to India, and all the wondrous things that she found…

Mindfulness meditation allows us to get in touch with our being, Returning to center allow us to get in touch with our divinity.

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Photo by Cody Black

“I’m trying to meditate.”

The mind runs a mile a minute when you tell it to be quiet. This is the problem many people face when starting meditation. But that’s not what meditations is about, is it? Meditation has stillness at it’s core, but stillness is not the goal, but the means to reach the real core, the core of your being.

I Am Meditation

Meditation isn’t about leaving everything behind to become still, it’s about returning to center. Not getting there, not holding on to that, just returning, as an action. …

And what is the difference between a dimension and a density, anyway?

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In this article we will explain the meaning and application of the densities of love / light in our universe. We will also talk about what a dimension is and the difference.

Reminder: Always seek many sources of information and find what resonates with you.

Photo by Lê Hoàng

What is Love / Light?

Love is the creative energy of the universal creator. Light is the condensed spectrum of love that creates the physical world. Densities measure the folds of this fabric, with each fold representing a new and expanded means of the creator (all of us) to experience ourself.

The light part of “Density of Light” is not just the electromagnetic spectrum. The entire spectrum can be thought of as a “band” on a larger, all-encompassing spectrum which includes all atoms, particles, energy…

Getting to know one of the most influential channeled works

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Law of One in One Sentence

The law of one states that all things are one thing, the infinite creator, or that we all share the same fundamental essence or core beings.

There is only one, and that one is the Infinite Creator. (4.20)

Where did the law of one material come from?

The material was channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984.

Where can I get the source material?

You can read the readings, or you can listen to them.

It has been published in book form, and the books can be freely downloaded from L/L Research’s library or purchased from their online store or from…

Becoming whole again by breathing in the Universe

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What is Body Scan?

Body Scan is an active meditation that is used to heal, check in, or even just to relax. In short, we move our attention from our extremities to the top of our head. It’s incredibly simple and incredibly effective. Let’s look at why it works, then go over step-by-step instructions.

Savasana Pose is great for your Body Scan practice. Photo by Robert Bejil

We are Healing Machines.

When running properly, we have a trillions of cellular processes happening at all times. These cellular processes are directed by chemical messengers and electrical impulses. The Body Scan uses our conscious awareness to influence the bioelectrical intracellular communications and unlock the healing power…

Shadows make the reflection from the I Am unnatural and untrue. Transcend these shadows with the law of love and shine in truth and peaceful joy.

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We all have something that makes us feel uneasy. Something that triggers a memory in the past that didn’t sit right with us. You may think that people who have gone through serious trauma are the only ones being crippled by the past, but the reality is all of us have some shadows keeping us from being our true and genuine self all of the time.

Today, we will talk about how to bring up these memories safely and use the law of love to overpower the law of karma so we can…


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