Geometric Encoding of light connects consciousness to Infinity and beyond!!

This article is part of our Universal Consciousness course

Grids facilitate the connection of consciousness in the physical realm. We’re going to introduce the mechanism of this connection, and connect to the girds using geometric visualizations and vibration to send and receive information. We will also talk briefly about natural vs artificial grids.

For this lesson, we will focus on the natural grids in the Milky Way galaxy, including the planetary, solar system, and galactic solar grids. …

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This article is a lesson in our open Universal Consciousness Course

In simple terms, a density refers to and ascending level or layer of consciousness.

Looking back to dimensions, all of the knowable information was extended with each additional dimension, making all previous information just a snapshot, so the dimension above has access to all the information, while the one below has only a tiny sliver of information about the dimension above it.

Densities, however, are folded into each other.

If you imagine this torus coming together into a horn torus (below), you can see that the entire plane of information goes through the singular point in the center of the torus. This singularity is the next density, and each density level has a unity point linking it all the way up to source. …

Here’s the harmonious take on what’s really happening in our galaxy.

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Reminder: Always seek many sources of information and find what resonates with you.

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Art by Karelia Blum using elements from Vashta Narada

What is an “Alien”?

I’m not a huge fan of the word Alien, whether applied to humans or ETs. In fact, beings on other worlds are much closer to us than you may think, as we will discuss very soon.

Let’s think of them as non-terrestrial humans, or better yet, just humanoids.

So who are these humanoids? Well, there’s way more groups of humanoids in the galaxy as there are human groups on Earth. …



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