Social Media Policy Checklist [Business Resource]

Social media law has been the hottest topic in the business law conversations in the past few months.

With more and more dismissal and lawsuit cases based on social media sprouting out daily there are two very important questions everyone’s asking…

….how can business owners and managers protect their employees, customers, partners and business entity from the harmful effects of social media activity?

….how can people feel safe and secure and trust businesses with their information (and business)?

The truth is that there is a simple solution to this complex issue. And that’s not surprising — usually when it comes to business law everyone tends to overcomplicate things. In fact, most often the solution is a regulatory document that puts everyone at easy by creating clear guidelines of behaviour.

When we know what’s okay and not, it’s much more pleasant to use social media for business and pleasure.

I present to you…

Social Media Policy

A social media policy is all you need to create trust with customers and employees and protect the business and its operations.

To get you started we prepared a social media policy checklist that will give you the basics of its contents. It’s up to you to add meaning to each of theses points and share them with your team.

Download PDF here Social Media Company Policy Checklist

Download PDF here Social Media Company Policy Checklist

When should you create a social media policy?

Right away. No matter if you are a small business or a corporation, a social media policy has a number of benefits for you:

  • better relationship with customers
  • improved working environment
  • improved communication
  • faster conflict resolution
  • compliance with the law
  • improved branding

Of you need additional help with drafting your social media policy or still have questions, check out the next Social Media Law For Business workshop in your area.

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Originally published at on November 13, 2015.

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