4 Tips You Must Know To Be a Good Pool Consultant

Many swimming pool services which provide everything related to pool under one roof, from pool chemicals to giving consultation, they represent themselves as a complete package. Though pool services include many critical sub services, giving consultation is one of the challenging tasks. Good consultation decides the future of the facility, design, working, accessories, risk-reduction, future scope, budgeting are all included in the consultation. If you are a consultant then you may be aware all these factors, but giving good consultation is all about knowing more about pool, here I am mentioned 4 points that you must follow to be a good pool consultant.

Get to know your client:

Do not jump to business talk as soon as you meet the client, start with the casual discussion about the facility, like which pool cleaning service they have hired or anything. Instead of directly jumping into the sales pitch, discuss the improvements which can be done in the facility, consultation should be more like giving an advice to a friend it should not be full of professionalism.

Remember, you are the expert:

A consult should remind the client that what is possible to do and what is not, which design will actually work and which design will be a mistake. One of the important things a consultant do is finding faults in the current designing and planning, things which look good in the blueprint may not work as per the expectation, in this scenario consultant should explain to the client that why should he/she make changes in it.

Help your client in setting expectations:

It is easy to explain things to a person who already owns a swimming pool, but those who are building an aquatic facility for the first time don’t know what to expect, it’s a consultant’s responsibility to help them in developing a set of realistic expectations. It should get started with explaining the process of making a facility then helping them in cutting the cost, that it can be used in other important things. For instance, cutting the size of the pool can help in cutting the cost of pool supplies.

Follow up:

Maintaining a good impression is a continuous process, after the first meeting with the client, send a thank you mail for the meeting. These things will project you as a friend who gives good advice instead of a professional consultant. Few things might not get cleared in the first meeting so consultant should always be ready to give step-by-step directions.

Being a swimming pool consultant is not easy because every aquatic facility is different and their needs are also different, a good consultant should always find those flaws before the construction of the facility.