How You Can Fix The Cloudy Water In The Pool

There are many things involved in an Aquatic facility which decide the future scope of the facility. A big aquatic facility is meant to be used by many people. In summers, the number increases, which is good in terms of business, but it also means that you have to call your pool cleaning service more frequently. Have you ever wondered what is the most bothering task related to commercial swimming pools? It is the cloudy water. Cloudy water in the pool looks bad and it can also cause swimmers eyes to swell. Any pool water can turn cloudy, even those which are well maintained.

Most of the time, an imbalance of chlorine level or other sanitizers can turn the pool water cloudy. It is very important to dispose off those pool supplies that have expired. A faulty filtration system, or if you are not running your filter as required (10–12 hours daily, depending on the size of the pool and the number of people), can also cause the water to turn cloudy. The pool water needs to go through a constant circulation and filtration process, otherwise it will turn stagnant and cloudy. Environmental factors also affect the quality of the water. Your pool’s surrounding can cause the water to get cloudy, that include trees, a lot of rain or pollen, construction, birds, alive or dead pool algae, dust.

The main question is, how to get rid of that cloudy water?

There are several ways to clear your pool water. But it is always recommended to test the pool water using a test kit to know what are the chemicals which are in proper balance and which are imbalanced. Using pool classifiers is the easiest way to get rid of cloudy water. Pool classifiers work by binding small particles into one so that the filter can pick them up. Or you can use pool Floc or Flocculant if you are looking for the fastest way to clear the pool water. It also works by binding the small particles, but it does not assist the filter to collect those particles. Instead, those particles are settled on the floor of the pool and you have to use a vacuum machine to collect those particles.

Either you can do it by yourself, or you can hire a swimming pool service. If you find this task hard you can take the help from the experts. If your facility is big then it is recommended to take a help from professionals instead of doing it by yourself.