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It is amazing how many tools we designers have available to us today, but that brings about it’s own questions, what should you use?

I am a Visual/UX Designer and I’ve complied a list of what I use today for a variety of design tasks. While this is a guide on understanding what is out there and my recommendations, it also serves as a time stamp of where we are today and how this can/will change in time. I actually look forward to seeing if I still have the same opinions in the near future.

You should always try different…

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Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, cause the office has gone bye-bye.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a team where we were thinking about how our work would impact colleagues around the world. This does not mean we were working directly with them, but it set the groundwork for my future projects.

You might be working on a project that for all intentional purposes is not an international project, but distance, time and location are none existent in todays web. Your customers can be anywhere at anytime and now this also applies to your colleagues.

There are many things I…

So, whats the fuss?

In design we come up against a multitude of decisions to make and as a base we use known theories to decide upon a plan of approach, such as colour theory when deciding on what palette we should be using, but today we will be looking at another key decision, the shape of our buttons.

When deciding upon the shape of our buttons everyone follows a similar pattern of using a rectangle but the decision that impacts the overall design is whether we apply any rounding on our corners, but that alone is not a single statement as then you…

Working with the design tools to create a form concept

The battle continues…

In round one I looked at the first impressions each software gives and how that would look to a new user. The next step was to look at using the software for an actual task and how each handles the requirements for a task and how they make it easier/difficult to achieve the desired results.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with both Photoshop CC 2014 and Sketch 3 for a while.

Creating a simple form concept

I wanted to pick a task that didn’t lean towards pure vector graphics (icons) or image manipulation (photographs), both which you could attribute as key strengths of each…

A review of the current popular design programs

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop since version 5.5 and Sketch since version 3, which means that I’m coming into this debate very much a long term advocate of Photoshop but someone who also has opened his mind to try something new.

The purpose of this review is to objectively look at what positives and negatives I can conclude from each piece of software and how I plan to use that information going forward and hopefully that will help in guiding how you may use either software.

There are many areas that the software will go up against each other for…

Taking a look at how website navigation has adapted and changed over time, and where it is headed

Recently I began to work on my new and revamped personal website and one of the key aspects in design and development was to consider the menu’s “look and feel”.

The exercise of research into menus led me to consider how the traditional website menu has evolved over time, and how designers have tried to stay in touch with current best practises, why this matters, as well as looking at the key aspects of the menu that all designers must consider.

‘The Matrix has you…’ — yes, it’s 1999

My first experience in this industry began in the late 90's and I recall how most menus were…


Trying to impart my imagination into the world.

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