Thoughts on Patriarchy and Identity

My brain is sitting here with so many questions.

Little bit of back story. I was raised in a black household where ‘men were men and women were women.’

My mother had her own mind but my father always found ways of subtly usurping it.

He always seemed to be out and about, smoking weed and getting into trouble.

He always seemed trapped in the teenage loop, still trying to find himself but in mistaken authority over me.

Looking to where I am right now, as a queer, non binary and poly person…I can’t think of being anywhere near the same person my father was.

I’ve never understood the pathological need for men to control women. I understand understanding humans regardless of what gender they are, but its always been a head scratch for me. Communication and expression is my life’s work.

However I stand against this ugly, insidious thing that has seeped into everything….but I know it must be broken if we’re ever to look at each other as beautiful human beings rather than things to own. Patriarchy must die if humanity is to grow.