A list of things I do
George Murray

Planning your day in advance is an amazing practice!

I’m most successful in various life and business projects when I’ve considered the shape of my day, how much time I intend to dedicate to those projects (or chores, reading, down time, etc.), and roughly when they will happen.

I’d suggest planning your day the evening before (I do it to kick-off preparing for bed) to give yourself enough time for thinking through it thouroughly. And, when you get up in the morning, you already know what you intend to bring to each day.

Take it a step further, and plan your week! Or even month. Of course, remaining flexiable and open to adapation is key — but it does provide a loose framework on how you can take advantage of your time (and reduce time wasted on surfing Instagram and Facebook).

I use Google Drive (I love a good spreadsheet) to capture my day and monitor progress / check-in on the go.

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