Ain’t Nobody got time for that (picking a new show)

We are all busy people leading busy lives, and in all honesty we don’t have time to wait for a channel’s Fall lineup. In fact this generation is not even watching television anymore. We are a generation born and bred into the age of technology and we use it to a convenient extent. Whether it keeping in touch with family and friends, or just posting what we did last weekend in a Snap. What we watch, and where we watch is no different. From movies to television shows, it’s being watched on the web. Despite how great this is, there are pitfalls, such as having an overload of content. Streaming and torrent sites allow us to have access to anything and everything from Korean dramas to the voice, all of it is at our fingertips.

Given our newfound love of this convenient medium, the problem arises that we’ve got too much available and not enough time to sort through all of it to decide what’s worth watching. Therein lies the beauty of this day and age, we’re all connected, all the time. Via social media, internet resources, and those of us around us. There is a voice, and it is picky. Blessed be thy guidance from Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes. User generated content is a shining beacon saving us time and energy in the journey to being entertained. Even the star based rating off of Netflix or Hulu is more than enough to point you in the right direction. I can honestly say that I’ve not watched a bad show since 2012, based off of user generated content, and the voice of the masses. Even trending memes can give you a clue as to what you should look into…*cough* “Stranger Things” *cough*. I for one am glad that we have such tools available to us all the time, because I do want to be entertained, and I don’t want to be disappointed, because between the hustle and bustle of life, none of us have time to waste.

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