Customer complaints: Not a bane but a blessing in disguise!

No matter how hard you try, customer complaints are inevitable. They are a part of every business. The success of any business, no matter what scale, depends upon the attitude towards those complaints.

Customer complaints when looked at in a positive way can actually be a motivational source. They can actually help your business grow.

Not quite convinced? Let’s have a look at what all these complaints can provide you with.

Customer complaints offer valuable content:

Strange, right?

Well, it’s actually true. Whenever customers come up with complaints, they subject you to a particular scenario and you have to be flexible enough to provide the best possible solution! The entire process can then be used as a case study and shared as valuable content with the other customers and prospects. Since you’ve actually studied the issue, researched to get to its root cause and worked on resolving it, you can provide a story like description of the entire event. Such a rich piece of information can help facilitate your service education programs.

Help fix potential products:

Despite all the mandatory checks and balances, faulty products often get delivered to the customers. This further leads to infuriated customers and hence complaints. For the customers, it’s more like fighting against an unfair event where they didn’t get what they paid for. However, for the businesses, it’s more of an awareness of faulty products and other potential products that need to be fixed.

Eradicate complacency:

Not all of your customers complain. Many of them just simply stop availing your services. As a matter of fact, for every one customer that reaches out to you, there are dozens of other customers who probably had a similar experience. most likely experienced the same thing, but didn’t complain. This astonishing fact is enough to keep all your teammates on their toes.

Provide a competitive advantage:

Do you know what’s the best part about customer complaints? Your upset customers act like competition monitoring tools for you as they spill all the competitor secrets. They may discuss about your competitors while, narrate all the inside stories, compare your services with theirs and hence tell you what additional your competitors are doing to woo them. Once you know all that, you can then make amendments to your present strategies.

Point out leaky points in complaint management processes:

Every business claims to have the best complaint management processes. However, the effectiveness of all such processes is tested only when a customer complaint steps in. Solving the complaint not only test the customer service skills of trained employees but also points out the weak areas to train them accordingly.

Now that you know all that customer complaints can do for you, do you still fear them?

Source : Live Chat Agent