Here’s how you can build customer loyalty using live chat

As a matter of fact, a live chat window on a website is a window into the respective company. It is the most convenient place where customers communicate freely and get their queries resolved in real time. As far as the companies are concerned, every such communication is a golden opportunity to gain loyal customers. Didn’t get it? Read on to know how live chat can help achieve customer loyalty:

Be accessible:

Simply adding a live chat window to your website is of no use if agents are not present in customer’s hour of need. Therefore, you need to ensure that customers can reach you whenever required. This instills a sense of trust in the customers such that they can rely on you for getting their problems resolved whenever they have any. Just like you would not like customers to limit their shopping t to a 9-to-5 schedule, they wouldn’t want customer support to be limited to banker’s hours.

Be the expert:

Why do customers contact live chat agents? Well, it is probably due to the queries regarding purchase decisions. Customers may require information regarding a particular product or service that may not otherwise be available. When the customer support agents have been trained appropriately, they are knowledgeable enough to confidently interact with the customer and guide them efficiently.

Be empathetic:

Not all of the customers are comfortable with phone calls when it comes to reaching out to the customer support team. However, chat is one those channels where customers all of them can easily open up and discuss their problems in a better way. So, when customers lay out all of their opinions and thoughts using a chat, the support agents should empathize with them They should further try to collect as much data as possible from these chats and provide personalized solutions.

Leverage proactive chat:

Proactive chat is more of a preventative support extended to the customers. Live chat software comes with a number of metrics and tracking feature which can be leveraged to dig deep into customer interests. These features can further help gain insights into customer behaviors that tend to create a service interaction. Once these interests have been identified, chats can be initiated and customers can be provided the much-needed support even before they ask for it.

Source: Live Chat Agent