Here’s what your customers actually want from you

According to a research, more than the quality of a product or service or brand name it’s the customer service that drives the sales for a business. Also, in order to deliver just what the customers want, it’s very important to study their interests, preferences, likes, and dislikes. Customer expectations today, are very high. Let’s have a look at what all they want from a business:


Customer expectations tend to rise with each passing year. Customers today have become extremely choosy and impatient. Be it the products or services, the very first thing they look for is variety. They want self-service, digital and social means to interact with a company and its people. They long for a convenience when they have to reach out to a company regarding any sort of query or issue.

Credibility and reliability:

Next, comes the credibility of a business. It is important so as to instill a sense of trust in the customers. Once this is done, customers look for consistency of performance. They want not only the customer support agents but also the technology to be consistent with that smooth interaction. In other words, apart from a 24×7 live chat support, the website and the mobile applications should work well whenever required.


Though it’s not always possible to say ‘Yes’ when a customer comes up with a new demand or problem, saying ‘No’ is also not a solution. As a matter of fact, customers hate to receive a negative response. So, it is advisable that the companies be as flexible as they can such that they can tell what they can do instead of just throwing a “No” at their customers’ face.

Instant service:

Whether it’s a physical store or a virtual one, nobody likes to wait. According to a study, nearly half of consumers tend to abandon their online cart if they don’t find an instant answer to their questions. So, companies need to ensure the 24×7 presence of customer service reps so as to provide instant query resolutions to the visitors navigating the site.


Who doesn’t want to feel special? When it comes to customers, they love it when they are given individualized attention. They love personalized experiences. Companies/ businesses can fulfill these requirements using CRM that enables the support agents to have a complete history of their interactions with the customers. Having all the relevant information, agents can then greet the customers by name and provide tailored services.

So the next time you try to work on improving your customer service, you know what areas you actually have to work on!

Source: Live Chat Agent