What makes a customer experience memorable?

There may be two reasons for a company’s customer service being memorable. Either it was so good that it exceeded the customers’ expectations or it was so pathetic that it pissed him/ her off. As a matter of fact, customer experience, whether good or bad is actively shared with the people around so as to let others know about them. No business in this whole wide world would want its customers to remember it for its flaws. So, here are some tips to avoid the negative aspects of being memorable:

Create and nurture social media communities:

This is an era of social media where people take to social platforms to share just about anything. So, these platforms provide a great way of making the customer experience a memorable one. Start with creating social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and nurture them. Listen to what all your followers have to say, respond to all the opinions and make them feel valued. Acknowledge customers’ good remarks and respond to the negative one’s wisely. Identify customer pain points through these negative comments and employ strategies to improve the weak areas.

Never leave your customers unattended:

Nobody likes to wait. Especially when it comes to customers, they would rather take it as a bad experience. For instance, if there is a live chat window on a website, a customer will make use of it in the case of any query. If the agent is unavailable at that point in time, it may drive the customer away from the website. So, make sure your staff is available and proactive 24x7x365 and customer queries are answered instantly. As far as the support agents are concerned, provide them with the right kind of training and resources needed to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Update customers on positive things:

Don’t abandon a customer once a sale has been closed. Focus on long-term relationships, rather than short term profits. Follow up with your customers and indulge into meaningful communications. Let them know how things are going, especially when there is nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, updating your customers on positive things is undoubtedly a great way to enhance the experience.

Source: Live Chat Agent