There are a couple of ways you can remove required or locked fields from the CRM form using the designer. You can hide the field or change the requirement level or use javascript to hide the field at runtime.

Here is a CRM form designer hack which lets you remove the required fields without changing the field properties.

Change the number of columns of the tab which contains the required field to two.

Ever been frustrated by the avalanche of log entries in USD Debug Output window as shown below?

USD Debug output window

These log entries are from Microsoft Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL), which USD uses to connect to Dynamics 365. In order to suppress these log entries use the below code.

protected override void DesktopReady(){Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.AdalTrace.LegacyTraceSwitch.Level = TraceLevel.Off;base.DesktopReady();}

It is just testable, isn’t? So what? This has been one of the most common arguments I have heard from people who don’t understand testable designs. The fact of the matter is, unit tests are your design, and they are executable too. You are writing your tests first not just to write unit tests; instead, unit tests help you to think about the design of the problem you are trying to solve, the code you are going to write, and verify their correctness, too.

TDD principles


In TDD, you start writing unit tests before writing a single line of your implementation code…

So, I decided to buy a MacBook Pro as my primary machine, mainly because

  1. My company was encouraging BYOD and the laptops they were giving were x1 carbon generation 2 with Windows 7
  2. All other windows laptops with similar configuration (including 15'’ high DPI display) were far more expensive
  3. I had so much trouble getting Android Studio and Docker work on my Windows 10 laptop

I waited for the new MacBook pro announcement until October and decided to buy an older generation MacBook pro after Apple removed USB ports, function keys and increased their prices significantly. Naturally i was evaluating…

Arun Kumar

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