Planning is Guessing
Jason Fried

Loved this chapter in ReWork… love it as a post. I’m assuming you don’t consider the 8 week cycles, plans?

Is that because of the autonomy you give in implementation or is it because it is “only” 8 weeks?

I love this sentiment, though I do struggle as to when I should embrace planning or prework and when I should realize it is just guessing and not give it the weight that comes with “plans”.

I find myself struggling with anything that assumes it will de-risk an initiative significantly. Planning as a sure-fire way to de-risk feels like a fallacy.

On the same token… can’t remember the exact quote, but there is something to:

The value is in the planning, not in the plan

Highlighting that thinking strategically and having a vision you are driving towards is important… not the plan itself.

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