Unappreciated. That’s what I called the love I gave you. Over 4 years of the same vicious cycle of heartbreak , second chances, and disappointment. I continued to give you love from the same broken heart you dismantled, tore apart and left for dead. You always expected me to be there with open arms. Welcoming you to stab and wound my heart.

At first I can’t deny, I was naive, blind to your tricks. Just maybe in the beginning of it all. There was genuine love. But slowly but surely you revealed your true colors. Each worse with each passing time.

With every second chance, I hoped that it would be the last time. I wouldn’t have to worry about a next time. I was wrong. But yet, I fell for it. I put too much faith into it. “ Things will get better “ I said.

But now, I learned to love myself, value myself... It’s time to mend the pieces of me that died so long ago. Endless nights of silently crying. Silently bleeding. Silently dying. Every body reaches a limit. My heart reached it’s limit.

What is it about leaving that makes them come to their senses? I forgot how much I enjoyed the peace of solitude. Although I’m not alone in this world. I have two little humans that look up to me. The light in all this darkness. My light. My happiness.

I leave you. I’m letting go.

I’m giving my love to people more deserving of it. My beautiful kids, because with them I know it will never be unappreciated…