You would have set up the right ambiance at your receptionist area.

You Receptionist/front desk staff has been carefully guided with the right front desk etiquette.

But even with all the right channels provided to the visitors you never know what impact it made while visiting your office. You would never know how did the visitor feel when they stepped foot into your office. So how would you know?

Visitor Experience

Isn’t it better to ask the visitor whether they were delighted or disappointed with their visit? What a simple solution, don’t you think? Well, I believe, this is the most important…

The following 7 office automation tools make it simple for office admins and their teams to keep the whole office running smoothly and make the whole company more productive. This post has a list of the most popular Automation Tools for Office Administrators to simplify their work for greater efficiency.

Top 7 Automation Tools for Office Admins

It seems like there’s a way to make everything digitized these days. Employees never again anticipate that their office should be a spot they just come to work. They anticipate that their office condition should likewise be a savvy place for them to work, driven mostly by office automation.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities have unique and complex security and operational needs. Hospital premises include not just healthcare facilities but a wide range of amenities that serve patients, visitors, and staff alike. Some large premises even include medical university campuses and hostels.

VMS in Hospitals — 3 significant benefits

Hospitals generally comprise of sprawling campuses & massive buildings that serve hundreds and thousands of patients and their visitors on a daily basis. They also host millions of rupees worth of assets. Not to mention the various categories of workers and visitors i.e. staff, contractors, laborers, medical reps, vendors, etc. …

Embracing Technology

Visitor Hospitality is a distinctly customer-centric industry. Understanding customer's behaviors, proclivity, needs and foresee them, can define whether any organization or hotel or in fact any facility for that matter will make it or break it.

Then why shouldn’t businesses practice the same? Business is all about creating and preserving the relationship with consumers, partners, inversions and the community in general. Like at a hotel, any organization's relationship with their visitors starts at the front desk and we all know the first impression does matter, no matter what people say. …

Office digitization will change the face of offices soon. By 2020, 46% of the total workforce will comprise of tech-friendly millennials. Our generation is one of the connected multi-taskers. We prefer modern-day apps. The inundation of young minds is definitely altering the way offices works.

Office Digitization

The traditional way of doing things is gingerly replaced by artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and workplace sensors. Manual logbooks are replaced by a smart cloud-based visitor management system leading to more efficiency and security.

To keep up with generational trends and make offices future-ready an organization should have a balance of Human Resources…

Visitor Reports & Analytics

Reports and Analytics are important as they help track the ongoing health of the company and to inform decision making. A company can this special Ara Feature to gain insights in order to better understand the overall functioning and make better decisions

“As you gain fresh insight from your data, it opens the door to new questions. As you have new questions, you need to update your instrumentation and analysis. Saying the process is “done” is saying you understand everything there is to know about your users, product, and channels.”
Brian Balfour, Founder & CEO, Reforge

An Overview of Visitors Insights

With this particular…

A receptionist is the face of any business, the first impression many office visitors have. A good receptionist makes visitors feel welcome and comfortable. Whatever their reason for showing up, the receptionist helps address it.

Master these Receptionist Etiquette Tips!

If you are looking to hire a receptionist then helping them master this basic receptionist etiquette can make all the difference in your workplace and would help your front desk team to deal with all kinds of visitors alike.

The Art of Keeping Calm

Receptionist Performance Goals
Receptionist Performance Goals in 2019 and How to Reach Them

Receptionists are the frontline soldiers in any company’s army of employees. To be a good receptionist, a person must set their goals aligned with the KPI for receptionist as to which skills are very much needed in becoming one.

Any business would benefit from a friendly smile and pleasant personality that greets its customers. A receptionist is such an employee. A visitor walking into the office is often received by the receptionist as they are the first person anybody meets or sees. The receptionist could hold a friendly conversation with the visitor until the boss is available. …

Front Desk Call Handling

Front Desk is the frontline of call handling in any company and is the gateway to a company’s employees. Not just any gateway, mind you. This particular entrance needs to be well protected and of course, welcoming. In fact, a bad first impression is the most prevalent front desk problem that can be averted very easily, be it in person, or over the phone. Presenting some of the call handling best practices that you should remember always so that it helps you welcome the visitors better.

Call handling Best Practices

Prompt Answering

Timing is very important. If you pick the call too early, then the caller…

Visitor Badge for companies has been exploited in multiple ways. But over the past decade, the visitor badges have evolved from just being a placard to storing information of the bearer and that information is backed up by secure cloud storage. Well, that takes place when you have an automated visitor management software in place.

However, there are a few prominently visible changes that we are gonna talk about in this post.

Visitor Badges for Businesses: The Past

Ara Heptagon

Ara is the world’s 1st Digital Receptionist with outstanding conversational abilities making your visitors fall head over heals in love with your new office.

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