Buying Gold Coins and Jewellery this Dhanteras? Know the reason!

In India, gold is not just a precious metal that is worn by women or an investment option, it is more than that. It holds a sentimental value that passes with generations in the form of traditional jewellery. Also, gifting gold and diamond jewellery on festivals and special occasions is very common and considered auspicious. This can be very well known through the fact that India is the largest importer of gold in the world.

Not just for gifting, buying gold coins and jewellery is a ritual on wedding and festivals like Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya, Dussehra, Navratri, Gudi Padwa and Makar Sankranti. These days are considered auspicious for buying precious ornaments and has a special reason behind it. Well, the festival of Dhanteras is soon approaching and so is the demand for gold coins and jewellery. Every year, a huge rush is seen around the jewellery stores for 24K pure gold coins, silver coins and gold ornaments. Even the shops remain open till midnight and a massive crowd can be seen over there.

But, have you ever thought or know the reason behind buying gold on Dhanteras or you just do what the people are doing. Well, we will clear all your doubts today in this write-up.

Dhanteras word came from ‘Dhan’ — meaning wealth while ‘Teras’ means the 13th day as per the Indian calendar. This day holds a special importance for everyone and is the first day of the great 5 days Diwali celebration. Not just gold, even people are indulged in buying all forms of wealth be it a property, new vehicle, starting a new business, etc. as everything started on this day stays forever and brings prosperity. Buying steel utensils is also auspicious and symbolic, which many people follow who don’t go for precious ornaments.

It’s not just a day for buying, the Goddess of wealth — Maa Lakshmi (in the form of Lakshmi gold coins) is worshipped by everyone, especially by the business people across the country. For them, it’s a day that holds more importance than Diwali, so they decorate their offices and worship god to give them prosperity and success.

Well, all this didn’t start without a reason, there is a story that revolves around this tradition on Dhanteras. A 16-year-old king named Hima lived with his newly-wed wife when one day a prophecy indicated that he will die on the 4th day of marriage. Thus, to keep his husband safe and awake, the newly wed wife made a heap of her ornaments including gold and silver coins to the entrance of his sleeping chamber. Then she started to sing songs and narrated stories. Then, the next day when God of death, Yama came to take the king, his eyes got dazzled with the striking gold and silver. In an attempt to enter the chamber, the Yama climbed the heap of wealth and sat there listening to the stories and songs. Later, the Yama went silently without taking the king.

Since then, buying 24 carat gold coins in India (mostly with a figure of Goddess of Lakshmi), and other forms of dhan like silver coins, jewellery became auspicious to keep away death and evils. Keep following the tradition and welcome home good luck, wealth, prosperity and success in the form of gold coins. Moreover, they are pure 24 carat ornaments that can be used later for your every need.

So, celebrate Dhanteras with great fervor this year. If you are worried about the market and traffic chaos for festival shopping, then don’t worry as with ease now you can buy gold coins online in India. Yes, they are genuine and comes at an affordable price too. Even some jewellers are offering special discounts, so go and grab them before it’s late and spread joy among your family, friends and relatives. Even you can buy online gold and diamond jewellery from a reliable jewellery store.