We built a video manager for LinkedIn to ignite a content revolution

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Designed by Andrés Francken

I did a LinkedIn post not too long ago that went like this:

“Do you think the social platforms would have benefited more (not just financially, but user experience/engagement too), if they had implemented native video earlier? Building their own video engines?

Native Video Launched:

LinkedIn — Sep, 2017

Twitter — Jan, 2015

Instagram — June, 2013

Facebook — before 2012?

YouTube — Feb, 2005 (native gold)

And when you think about it, the only social platform that has a robust video engine is YouTube. The Google owned video-sharing platform has a creator studio with analytics, channels, editing tools and a whole lot more that makes video production/management exciting and fun. When you setup an awesome environment for creators, the results can be outstanding. No wonder, users around the globe watch 1 billion hours of YouTube a DAY!

So, we (myself and Jack Yiu) decided to do something cool and create a video manager for a platform that has such unique content and audience, no other major social media company has been able to replicate, namely LinkedIn. As I mentioned, LinkedIn introduced native video in September 2017 and since then, videos have dominated almost everybody’s feed (mine for sure). From daily vlogs and inspirational stories to web shows and insightful updates, LinkedIn is packed with valuable content.

The native “Videos” experience

The first thought we had when brainstorming about a potential video manager or dashboard was “…it has to be seamlessly integrated with LinkedIn”, at least the first iteration of our product. The LinkedIn video community is in its early stage, so being able to access everything from the comfort of your own profile is crucial. And so, how did we do that? Well, by creating a Chrome Extension — www.volylabs.com

For starters, we added a “Videos” tab that pulls all your videos, so you don’t have to scroll endlessly to find a piece of content that you posted 5 months ago. Your standard likes, views and clicks can also be easily exported into a .csv file. Yay!

Bring on the collaborative spirit

An additional feature that we have been experimenting with is our version of the “baby-channel”. Not only you can see your videos, but you can also follow the latest video content your favorite influencers and producers are posting. We still have a lot of work to do there, but hoping to create a platform (via the extension) where video creators have more flexibility and freedom with their channels.

Next steps

After our official launch on March 5, the response from the LinkedIn video community has been extremely positive and engaging. A lot of people have personally reached out to me with feedback, comments and feature requests, and that is incredible! We hope to continue working with the community and create an even better experience. Quick summary of upcoming updates:

📋 Enable playlists, so you can compile and sort videos.

#️⃣ Display videos based on a specific hashtag

🔏 Create a secure analytics download for your channel in a .csv format (Done)

⚡ Update the syncing mechanics and eventually get it to sync instantly (Done)

❓ Any thoughts?

You can check out the video manager here. Hope you found this useful and please, feel free to connect on LinkedIn or drop a comment below, if you have any questions.

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