When veganism is seen as just another diet fad, it benefits no one

A painting of a gray bunny rabbit next to a red brick wall, chewing on carrot leaves with a piece of lettuce nearby.

CW: Disordered eating (specially orthorexia) is discussed in detail

I wish that I had come to veganism because of my love for animals, my care for the environment, and my hope for a better, kinder future. But I didn’t. …

A background type pattern design consisting of orange slices, popcorn, and snowflakes on a blue background

These crafts can easily be made using items you have at home

Whether you’re looking to cut down on costs, waste, or trips to the store this holiday season, these crafts are perfect for you and easy to try. From garlands to greeting cards to stockings, you can make any of these crafts using items you likely already have around the house…

Designers and brands are developing leather alternatives that are better for the animals and the planet

A pineapple with round sunglasses on it, on a white background.

Over the years, animal rights activists have pushed the fashion industry to stop using animal products like leather and fur and seek out alternative materials. Unfortunately, most faux leather goods sold today are made from plastic-based fabrics, usually derived from petroleum. Both in manufacturing and disposal, these products are not…

Arabella Breck

queer writer + editor from the southwest, living in the midwest.

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