When veganism is seen as just another diet fad, it benefits no one

A painting of a gray bunny rabbit next to a red brick wall, chewing on carrot leaves with a piece of lettuce nearby.

CW: Disordered eating (specially orthorexia) is discussed in detail

I wish that I had come to veganism because of my love for animals, my care for the environment, and my hope for a better, kinder future. But I didn’t. …

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As always, hope you are all staying well and safe. ❤️

This past weekend was St. Lucia Day, a Swedish holiday meant to bring about hope and light during the darkest time of the year. During a year that has been so difficult and unforgiving, this day…

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Just wanted to start off by saying how grateful I am that you (yes, you!) are here and decided to open this newsletter and check out some things from Tenderly and beyond this week. …

Five tamales verdes and two strands of red Christmas lights floating on a white background.

What better way to show love than through food?

While many of us are going to be spending the holidays physically separated from loved ones, these small businesses can help us still show our care for those who also love delicious food.

And if you don’t know a vegan food lover to send one of these gifts to, why…

A background type pattern design consisting of orange slices, popcorn, and snowflakes on a blue background

These crafts can easily be made using items you have at home

Whether you’re looking to cut down on costs, waste, or trips to the store this holiday season, these crafts are perfect for you and easy to try. From garlands to greeting cards to stockings, you can make any of these crafts using items you likely already have around the house…

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Hope you’re staying well and enjoying lots of warm and comforting meals at home ❤️ I’m dreaming about/plotting to make butternut squash soup, potato leek soup, and maybe even some vegan broccoli cheddar soup. …

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Hope you’re all staying as well as possible these days. Is it just me or does it seem like everything is in flux right now? …

Designers and brands are developing leather alternatives that are better for the animals and the planet

A pineapple with round sunglasses on it, on a white background.

Over the years, animal rights activists have pushed the fashion industry to stop using animal products like leather and fur and seek out alternative materials. Unfortunately, most faux leather goods sold today are made from plastic-based fabrics, usually derived from petroleum. Both in manufacturing and disposal, these products are not…

And that’s a good thing!

A plate of tofu scramble that’s been dished out of a bigger platter.

According to a recent article from the Washington Post, the sales of tofu have skyrocketed during the pandemic. …

Arabella Breck

queer writer + editor from the southwest, living in the midwest.

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