Are you gritty enough to learn a new language?

Of course it takes a great deal of grit to learn a new language. Acquiring fluency needs grit. So the next question is, what is grit? It is combining passion and perseverance to attain what you wish to attain. Simple

I could be passionate about speaking French like the French, but if my perseverance falls short there isn’t much practice in my passion. Similarly I can try hard at running 30 minutes a day, yet if I don’t find joy or value it becomes a chore to me.

Hence, balancing out these two elements is essential to know how far you are willing to go to excel in a foreign language. While academic performance might be a good indicator of your learning abilities, they don’t give you an aptitude check.

Grab Grib. A delightful read on assessing yourself and getting grittier. Angela Duckworth has a story to tell and research to back it all up. Unfold the power of passion and perseverance and set out towards fluency.