UAE’s nuclear aspirations open Trump-Russia gateway to North Korea

Arab Unreported
Aug 25 · 2 min read
UAE Nuclear Plant
UAE Nuclear Plant

United Arab Emirates (UAE) long-sought to become Arab world’s first nuclear power. But, its Persian rival Iran already gained nuclear arsenal, for which it has been subjected to harsh US sanctions since years. The ruler of Abu Dhabi, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed has remained an influential figure in the White House and is well-received in the political circles of Washington DC as well.

In Seychelles, while the Trump Administration was greeting Russian delegates to create a backchannel, the motives of MBZ were somewhat different. The leader wanted nuclear technology from the United States. Later, the plan was to provide the same nuclear technology to the Mecca of human rights abuses, Saudi Arabia, and later to Jordan.

MBZ’s associate and brother of US Secretary of Education, Betsy Davos, Erik Prince worked as a mediator. Steve Bannon was updated about every single detail of the meeting. According to the media reports, Erik Prince is already exploiting the African resources for Emirati benefit. The mastermind behind notorious security firm Blackwater, which shot innocent civilians in Iraq, was ready to provide some nuclear cookies to his close friend MBZ.

US intelligence Committee interviewed Erik Prince on the meeting. In the interview, the far right ideologist Prince continuously lied to the congress about his role in Seychelles Meeting, Trump — Russia meddling and his role while working for MBZ.

UAE has already setup ready-to-operate nuclear plants that were built with the help of South Korean technological support. UAE persistently hides the role of North Korea in development of its nuclear technology program which, includes Egypt too. Satellite images have earlier revealed secret sites in the desert for development of another nuclear project that is far from renewable use of Uranium isotopes.

While Saudi Arabia is making headlines about Nuclear race involving Republican fundraiser Tom Barrack, the UAE is progressing on its way to become the next nuclear giant in the Middle East.

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