This Sunday 1.30.22 I’m finally minting the first 2 ARACHNIAWORLD NFT collections via Open Sea on the ETH blockchain. Natural Objects 111 and 222 is my 3D approach to Psychedelic-Futurism.

Most of the work is a result of my interest in learning how to use plants to heal through food, medicine, and getting high as shit. The most eye opening part was being able to travel to Africa and see plants that looked alien to me just because they don’t grow on this side of the world. It made me think about all of the tiny, simple, beautiful things that have been stolen from all of us as a result of colonization, slavery, genocide that we don’t even know about.

While humans are 3 dimensional beings, we can only see in 2 dimensions, and probably couldn’t even comprehend 4. But working in 3D has helped me so much in practice by keeping me grounded but open at the same time. It’s helped me with my nightmares, my clarity/focus, and really amplified this inner voice that I have (for the better).

I feel swelled up with gratitude to even have access to tools that can help me make things like this happen, so ARACHNIAWORLD is giving away free tech with each release. For the first one, I’ll be giving away my Vestax VCI-380 controller with Serato Pro built in via instagram. This controller got me hundreds of hours of practice, made it on tour to 5 countries, and opened the door to so many opportunities for me as an artist I never even knew existed. I’m also giving away a free NFT on the ETH blockchain via twitter to hopefully breakdown some of the barriers of getting into crypto art and empower people to start building assests. The drawing for the giveaway will be held live on Twitch this Sunday 1.30.22.




FKA babysp1der. Atlanta born/based. 24. she/her.

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FKA babysp1der. Atlanta born/based. 24. she/her.

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