Introducing NLPCraft 0.6

Aaron Radzinski
Jun 21 · 1 min read

Google NL and Standford CoreNLP integration + bugfixes

NLPCraft 0.6.0 is an important release that introduced several long awaited features to NLPCraft:
- Integration with Google Natural Language
- Integration with Stanford CoreNLP toolkit
- Introduction of new annotation-based DSL for intents
- … and host of improvements and bugfixes.

- Download and Maven/Grape/Gradle/SBT instructions
- View documentation, Javadoc, and REST APIs
- Review examples
- Licensed under Apache 2.0 License with Commons Clause.

Aaron Radzinski

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Co-Founder at DataLingvo/NLPCraft - an open-source API to convert natural language into actions.