Why? Well, why not?

Should I get an ice cream now? It’s night and a bit cold, maybe I shouldn’t … Then again, why shouldn’t I?

Let’s see, where did I put that rounded little spoon that’s just right again? Hmmm, it’s not in the cupboard above the sink nor the stove. Did I brought it to work on that overtime a few weeks back? Maybe it’s in the dishwasher. Nope, it’s definitely not in the dishwasher. Damn.

This isnt going anywhere, I should just put the ice cream pint out of the freezer for a bit. That way, the texture would be a bit softer and easier to eat when I find the spoon. Let me just open the freezer and … find nothing is there. Ha-ha-ha I forgot to do the grocery yesterday. Well, nevermind.

Back to the good ol’ interne- *electricity went out*

Yeap. Should’ve done that yesterday.

*Opens phone to use data*

No quota? Why must it be like this….?!