I am publishing these sentences on here because they are a part of a project my english class is working on this week. We are learning about aphorisms and how to form them into nicely worded sentences. We were asked to write about three topics and produce three sentences per topic. Each topic has three sentences, all aphorisms, in which the second and third sentences are variations of the first. Enjoy.

Success is an amazing feeling that many people feel each day. Working hard will lead to success and falling behind and laziness will lead to failure. Having a close friend or family member motivating you can help a person become successful. If you want to accomplish something, then do not let anyone or anything stop you from reaching that goal and succeeding.

1) Succeeding at a task is done by working diligently and staying focused.

2) If you work diligently and remain focused on the task at hand, you will succeed.

3) Remaining focused on the task at hand and working hard will lead to great success.

To get better at something, you must practice. Whether its sports, music, writing or learning another language the key to improving is practice. Growing up playing sports we were always told practice, practice, practice; the coaches that were telling us this were correct. Practicing all the time is what helped me make it to the collegiate level. If you work hard at anything you can succeed.

4) Practicing your writing and grammar skills will help you improve your English.

5) You may improve your English by practice your grammar as well as writing sentences.

6) Improving your English will happen by practicing your writing and grammar.

Every President in our history books has worked hard and long on their campaign to win the nomination. No President has ever won by being lazy and unmotivated. The past Presidents have all spent billions of dollars on their campaigns and reelections to be nominated. Hard work and investing tons of time into campaigns, slogans, research and planning speeches is what got our past Presidents elected.

7) Becoming the President of the United States requires lots of time and effort.

8) To become President, you need to invest lots of time and effort to beat competitors.

9) Investing lots of time and effort will lead to winning the Presidency.

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