SEO Checklist For Website Redesign

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Planning a redesign of a website can be a very exciting process because we have a blank canvas where you can add your own creativity and style.

The problem is that most of the designers and creative teams used this opportunity to focus exclusively on the visual design of the site, and ignore such important issues as the SEO, content and functionality.

Websites that have enjoyed a lot of visits from search engines can experience that most or even all of that traffic disappears after performing a redesign of the site. The new design website looks great, but that’s cold comfort for the owners. (And Check out this awesome SEO Audit Checklist)

We will not deny that it is important to have a website with good design and style. You have to look good to convert visitors into customers. But traffic, conversions and functionality are what ultimately decide the success or failure of the site (And read this blog post to learn about SEO Tips For Small Business)

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