Mitchell Hogan — “Inquisitor” Review

An old-world sci-fi novel, wrapped as modern action thriller.

Spoiler free review
Disclaimer: Based on a review-copy, provided free of charge by the author.

Inquisitor asks many deep and insightful questions regarding future issues our society may face, the sort of questions that would not feel out of place in something more like a George Orwell novel. Some of these are given an answer by the author and some are left to be answered at the readers own discretion.

However, despite the deep context these questions ground the novel in, Inquisitor manages to read like an action-oriented character based story, much more like Hogan’s other work, providing interesting and unique characters, interesting sequences, and a good story-line, all wrapped in the authors wonderfully clear and distinctive prose.

For those who have read mitchell hogan’s fantasy work (A Crucible of Souls, Blood of the Innocents) and are skeptical about the idea of a sci-fi novel, I believe you will enjoy this novel just as much as his others. For readers of the genre who worry about whether an authors debut in the genre will hold-up, I assure you it does.

I would highly recommend this novel to anyone, regardless of their own genre preferences.

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