Another Time! Another Place!

I always have thoughts of what ifs and maybe’s in my life. How would my life been if I was in an alternative universe or if I had been in a place where the sky and water actually meet. A place where I could love you and tell you that yes I am in freaking love with you.

An hour that I could spend without being conscious and talk to you freely about every small detail of my life and listen to your constant talks about work and be happy about it or a lane where I could walk with you at night, talking random stuff like stars or about the squirrel crunching nuts nearby the tree.

A meal with you where I can set the table with two small chairs and cook our favorite food with red wine and talk about our whole day at office and sweet desert and kiss to end the perfect meal.

Sometime in a garden, in daylight I read you a classic book and you sleep listening to it on my lap. I stop reading and just watch you there with that peaceful baby expression you have on your face.

And a time when I can text you ‘miss you’ from my office. A smile I only want to see on my stressful days and you just suddenly make my life a happier place or a moment when you can understand me just from my eyes about what my heart wants.

Couch where I can cuddle to you in the blanket on our movie nights with popcorn everywhere around or our beautiful coffee dates on the sides of street sometimes in stalls on highway and sometimes in posh cafes facing the sea. For the beautiful drives we could go on and stop at sunsets and waterfalls.

Or for those beautiful walks on the beach and making sand castles and seeing them getting crashed by the waves and still make them again.

We go to bars where we flirt to other people but still end up together because no one is as fun as to flirt like we do. We get high and tell each other how pretty is the other one and how much we love. A time when I can nurse you when you caught on your occasional cold and where I can cook you soup and scream when you don’t take medicines at time.

And at the end in a world where I can tell everyone that yes it’s you who I love and want to share my happiness and sorrows and if not that at least a place where I am able to just tell you once that you are the one and even if I don’t get to do anything wrote above and thousand more things I have thought off, I would give up anything to just tell you how special you are and that in your love I started believing in myself more. Thank You!

Love always,