Classes they do not teach in school today

  1. How to manage your money properly
  2. How to talk to members of the opposite sex
  3. How to set up a tailored exercise and nutrition plan (and stick to it)
  4. How to interpret what politicians are saying to us
  5. How to be a great office politician
  6. How to sell (this was banned at my high school St. Ignatius)
  7. How to negotiate
  8. How to defend yourself and stand up to bullies
  9. Courage
  10. How to dress well
  11. Student loan finance
  12. How to market yourself if you’re looking for a job
  13. How to think
  14. For the nervous/anxious (the amazing power of Driclor)
  15. The hazards of debt finance
  16. Diplomacy
  17. How to write properly
  18. Why “experts” are usually wrong
  19. Self-promotion: if you don’t promote yourself no one else will
  20. How to disagree

What do you wish your school had taught you?