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Toxel : the website that takes design and technology to another dimension

Handbags that look like real bread, Batman origami and invisible shoes are only a few incongruous items you can find on Toxel’s Tumblr page. This website is definitely one of my best finds of 2015 so far. I don’t really recall how I got to this website on the first place, but according to its archives it has been running since at least 2014.

Toxel features on a daily basis technology, publicity campaigns, street art, fashion and other concepts made from creative minds. Each post is linked to a related article on Toxel’s main website which provides more details about the inventions. On my first visits, I could spend hours looking through the numerous pictures displayed on the website and even more hours browsing the Web about the artists or inventors hiding behind them.

As I have always been interested about innovation, it only made sense that I eventually find this gem. The layout of the website itself is pretty minimalist. In fact, the thing that has attracted me the most is the simplicity of being able to discover and rediscover the usefulness of certain types of objects. Let’s take, for example, the piano doorbell. Could you imagine having to compose a melody each time you would have to ring a doorbell? It definitely sounds genius to me! Some inventions even incorporate a little bit of humour, like the unsinkable ‘teatanic’ tea infuser which pays tribute to the famous boat.

While some of the features may seem a little bit cheesy, some of them are really worth a look. Toxel seems like a great minefield of ideas for other designers or dreamers just like me that have an insatiable desire to learn.

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