What is Tokyo Girls Collection and Why Should You be Interested?

Tokyo Girls Collection S/S 2016 Show

By Ariane Terry

From New York to London to Milan and ending with Paris; the fashion world is gearing up to show what Spring/Summer 2017 has to offer. But before the hype hits these cities a different type of party will be taking place in Japan’s Saitama Super Arena.

Tokyo Girls Collection, the creation of GirlsWalker, is a 6 hour semi-annual fashion event of the season for young girls and women ages 13–32 years. While it’s difficult to keep anyone’s attention for 15 minutes these days, TGC manages to do this and more with its unique style of show.

Adoring Fans Cheering on Their Favorite Models

Mixing the fashion runway and a concert, GirlsWalker builds an atmosphere of fun and excitement for the attendees as the get to see their favorite music acts perform while wearing the latest trends. But they’re not the only ‘rock stars’ there. Popular models from magazines, such as Scawaii, Zipper, ViVi and more, strut down the catwalk as their adoring fans cheer on. The air is electric with the audience’s energy and hysteria of seeing their idols come off the magazine’s page and walk right in front of them; wanting to look like their role models. This is possibly where TGC gets even more interesting.

While the concert/fashion show is in progress, the audience has the option to buy some of what they see right then. Using the designated web-store of the event, fashionwalker, a person can purchase an outfit before the model wearing it has finished making their round down the runway. This past season in the west, there has been drama surrounding the see now/buy now method. Designers like Burberry and Tom Ford announced they would be adopting it, while designers participating in Milan and Paris Fashion Week have turned up their noses at the idea. Though see now/buy now isn’t used in Tokyo’s Fashion week either, TGC has continuously used it with much success. In the beginning, the fashion concert was used to highlight what Shibuya 109 brands had to offer in upcoming seasons. Now it’s not unusual to have other brands outside of the mall participate; including foreign names.

Models Take to the Runway During the 22nd Tokyo Girls Collection

Having caught the eye of many overseas, it hasn’t been enough just to bring over non-native brands at the Japanese show. Exhibitions of TGC have been held in Beijing (twice), Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Paris. As of 2015 there have been plans to host TGC in New York City at the United Nations headquarters.

Tokyo Girls Collection will be held September 3rd, 2016. For those overseas (or who just couldn’t get a ticket) the event will be streamed and covered via GirlsWalker SNS accounts. This season’s theme will be ‘Love Me’ for Autumn/Winter 2016. Arama!Japan will be offering fashion highlights after the event finishes.