It all started with me hearing a podcast about this guy talking about aging and how he says if you eat many meals a day, then your mTor is always active, and this means your immune system will be lower. I had noticed that I do get sick often and I was eating 7–8 small meals a day to stay ‘healthy’.

I had seen this article before about circadian timed eating which seemed to jive with fasting.

I then googled and found this paper which confirmed about mTor regulating immune responses,

I then started looking at intermittent fasting.

The password story continues.. I’m taking security again and its making me redo some things…

Also never use for any service that uses website to store password, always use file. , Agilebits the company behind 1Password is trying to transition people from app based to web site.. (*What’s wrong with a Web site? · The problem is that the site has my encrypted data, and at some point, wants me to type in the password. Thus, in principle, they can peek and see my passwords. And hand them over to the NSA. Or to the criminal gang that abducted…

15 min video, Ted Talk : Blockchain is Eating Wall Street | Alex Tapscott | TEDxSanFrancisco

First 15 minutes of Blockchain Keynote by Industry think leader

Again buy small amount that you’re willing to lose.. like a bet in Vegas where the odds 10x or nothing in return, I’m not a financial advisor nor do i play one on the internet ;)

Where to buy :
OR on the exchange: (they use as login but also ask for last 4 digits of social security)

You’ve to upload your license, and if you use credit card…

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