ProductHunt UX improvement: Tagline > Title

I visit Product Hunt every morning to discover new awesome products and services.

Since most of the new additions are young and not yet famous and successful, neither their actual names nor the logo thumbnails tell me much about what they are about and what problem they solve.

Do the following product names give me any understanding of what they do? “HYFY”, “Arthur” or “Keystroke”. Are they informative? No.

In order to decide whether I want to find out details about the product or not, I am forced to read the small description tagline of each one skipping reading the title. It is quite evident, that reading the small grey tagline takes effort and is quite challenging for eyes. Let’s be honest. It is pain.

ProductHunt homepage as it is now

The strucutre of the homepage is implemented in classical “title ↓ description” logic, where the title of the product stands in a higher visual hierarchy than the description field.

I do believe, that making some light improvements in this part can bring to big UX improvements.

What I suggest is changing the placement of title and description fields in reverse order: “description ↑ title”. Moreover, visually emphasising the description tagline will give an easier and faster understanding about what the product is about.

How ProductHunt homepage could look like

This is just an assumption that in this particulat case tagline is the Boss. 
I think this might be a good subject to A/B testing.

Take care :)