featured image — How to Plan a Virtual Holiday Fundraiser

As the holiday season approaches, you might be wondering what your options are in terms of hosting a holiday fundraiser or a physical holiday event.

For corporate holiday events, you might have considered hosting a virtual holiday party such as a Santa exchange. You could also host a holiday fundraiser to raise awareness and money for a certain charitable cause or business. However, given the state of physical distancing and shut down requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hosting any kind of physical holiday event may be out the window this year.

Business, non-profits, and charities should consider hosting a…

featured image — Virtual Holiday Party Ideas to Engage Remote Employees

With all the ups and downs that we have experienced this year, it is nice to know that we can still count on each other. A virtual holiday party for your remote team is one way to show them that we are all in this together and to remind people of the goodness and warm feelings that the holidays can bring.

If your team is new to the remote workforce life, then you and your virtual team may have by now adjusted to remote work.

So while it is not altogether enticing to have an office holiday party over the…

featured image — How Festival Planners Can Find Success In the Age of COVID

One thing is for sure: people all over the world are truly missing the unique and soulful experience of attending a festival. A music festival, food festival, or cultural festival, to name a few, can bring people together in some of the best ways.

However, with the rise of COVID-19, festivals all over the world were put on hold, and the events industry, artists, and festival vendors were forced to find other ways of sharing their passions with the world.

Now that physical distancing requirements are relaxing slightly, some in the festival industry have found ways to promote festival-like events…

featured image — 7 Ideas for Virtual Back to School Events

With the new school year in full swing all over the world, many are still trying to navigate COVID-19 pandemic physical distancing precautions, hybrid school events, and online learning. For the most part, we can expect to remain in a semi-virtual space for the rest of the school year, continuing into next year.

With the rise of COVID-19 cases and the second wave fast approaching, hosting a virtual school event is much more accessible, allowing your school to follow district, county, and state guidelines, putting parents’ minds at ease. …

featured image — How to host a Virtual Employee Benefits Fair

For many employers, the benefits package they are able to offer employees is a key element of employee retention. Ordinarily, these benefits are highlighted, shared, and explained at an employee benefits fair during the period of open enrollment.

But, given current restrictions imposed in response to the coronavirus, many companies, and human resources departments, have been forced to get creative.

Because open enrollment only happens for a short period each year, an employee benefits fair is not the type of event that can be simply canceled or postponed. …

featured image — 12 Ways Event Planning Software Can Make Your Hybrid Event More Successful

Hosting a hybrid event can boost physical attendance and promote your brand and content to a wider and broader audience.

Running a hybrid event on third-party software might prove to be difficult. However, with the right event planning software, an event planner can stay highly organized, streamline all of the content through one platform, and collect lead and analytics data along the way.

The bottom line is that event planning software can make your hybrid event more successful. Here’s how:

1. Streamline Everything Through the Event Planning Software

A high-quality event planning software is often fitted with a number of features that are integral to running an event…

featured image — Things Hybrid Attendees Need to Know for Your Next Hybrid Event Let’s be honest — for many people, attending

Let’s be honest — for many people, attending a hybrid event is a new and exciting thing! Loading up the live stream and logging into the live chat is less familiar than showing up at a conference, eager to collect goodie bags and mingle.

Because we have attended more and more physical conferences, meetings, or networking events in-person, we have become familiar with their standard processes. Things like where to go, what to do, and how to behave are more or less normalized. …

featured image — How to Market your Next Hybrid Event Successfully

Hybrid events are quickly becoming the new normal in the event industry. As long as health and safety regulations place hard restrictions on indoor social gatherings, an event organizer will have to use a hybrid event format to make things work.

A hybrid event combines a live event with a virtual one by including digital elements and a remote audience. Including a remote audience allows event planners and organizers to minimize in-person attendees in line with local guidelines without sacrificing ticket sales and revenues.

But, even the greatest hybrid event will come up short if you do not market it…

featured image — How to Choose a Ticketing Strategy for your Virtual Event

When COVID-19 first forced the events industry to pivot away from physical events to digital or virtual events, event organizers and planners understandably felt pinched. Options for planning an event were limited and every single day new information about the virus, including new health and safety recommendations, forced many to amend plans on the fly.

While it may have been hard for planners to find footing initially, the months that followed the coronavirus’ arrival in the United States have shown just how flexible online events can be!

A virtual event creates access to a global audience, increases event revenues, expands…

featured image — Virtual Event Venues: The Rise of a New Event Space

In a world that is rapidly adjusting to COVID-19, hosting physical events has become difficult, if not impossible.

Gathering restrictions, social distancing mandates, and in some places, stay at home orders have meant that in-person events have been shifted to a virtual or hybrid event format. And with this shift has come a new type of event venue: the virtual event venue.

The only way to provide a virtual attendee with a positive and engaging experience is to create a virtual venue that provides, at minimum, the same sort of experience one would expect from a live event.

To create…

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