I can’t speak for Vitalik, but my answer would be:
Jacob Eliosoff

Thanks Jacob. Yeah, it seems to me that most of the digital currency investments so far are speculative plays about future expectations of value, and we can see a very strong anti-correlation between ether and BTC right now, suggesting that at this point in the game it’s zero sum. But that may and should change over time as more savvy investors realize that ether and BTC are in fact highly complementary. That said, I guess ether could at some point attempt to emulate BTC’s broadly useable currency model and if that happened they’d become direct competitors. How much tweaking of ether would have to be done to make it a broadly useable currency outside of Ethereum? Or would it simply be a matter of converting ether into BTC in real time without actually replacing BTC or other currencies, as an easier path for ether to become dominant?

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