El poder de las pequeñas acciones y la comunidad en la protección del planeta

Realidad y emoción

Con frecuencia leemos noticias que describen los cambios, a menudo irreversibles, que estamos provocando en el planeta. Nos generan tristeza, rabia y una especie de sentimiento de indefensión.

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De la indefensión a la acción

Nos dicen por doquier que las pequeñas acciones son clave para frenar el daño y en algunos casos, revertirlo en un pequeño porcentaje. Cuando estas acciones cotidianas son puntuales y/o anecdóticas, pierden gran parte de su valor. Por eso, las iniciativas para proteger el medio ambiente deberían estar dirigidas a generar consciencia y a promover un cambio de hábitos más duradero en las personas.

Erróneamente muchos equiparan el calificativo “pequeñas” a “irrelevantes y carentes de sentido”, siendo este su principal argumento para no colaborar en la protección del medio ambiente. “¿Para qué si los demás no reciclan?” “Las que tienen que cambiar son las grandes empresas”, etc. Estas personas se están olvidando del famoso dicho “la unión hace la fuerza”. Efectivamente, una acción aislada realizada por un único individuo no tiene un alto impacto. Son los hábitos grupales los que tienen poder para generar cambios en el entorno. …

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Ordering food is becoming a popular activity. Delivery apps, like Glovo, Deliveroo or Just Eat, are growing in number and represent an opportunity for restaurants to increase their visibility.

Many people order food by themselves, but order food in a group is also a good option if you don’t want to cook or don’t have enough time. When people don’t have cash, paying the bill can be a nightmare, especially for the one who is ordering with the app.

The purpose of this 5-days project was to add a feature to the well-known delivery app called Glovo. The feature tried to solve the previous situation by adding an option to split the payment. …

Food truck


Festivals are becoming more and more popular nowadays and music and food are two of the most important elements that make them an enjoyable experience. People like dancing, and listening to music, but at some point in the day, they can feel starving. Food trucks are the most common option to eat at festivals but usually, the queues are so long that can create a lot of frustration among the people.

Food trucks, on the other side, are a complex to run business. Food truck owners need to follow regulations and pay many taxes to be able to work on festivals, they have many competitors and have difficulties to be visible. …

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Nine weeks ago, I was starting my studies in UX / UI design at Ironhack Barcelona. One of the many things I learned that week was that people have two types of muscles in their brains: convergent and divergent muscles. As a psychologist, I used to call these muscles differently. For me, they were “skills”, but it was harder to imagine how they could be trained and improved.

Everybody has convergent and divergent muscles, but normally one is more developed than others. Divergent muscles are in charge of the creative process. They help you to think outside of the box and try many different possibilities. Convergent muscles are responsible for making decisions according to some specific criteria. …


Feedback is essential to grow and improve in different contexts of life. When it comes from people who know you, this information is even more meaningful and has a lot of impact on one’s behavior. The performance review is a common activity in workplaces, however, it is normally oriented to employees’ evaluation.

The goal of this project was to launch a software as a service (SaaS) desktop web app for companies to use internally. It was developed in 7 days of work during my 5th and 6th week in the UX/ UI Design Bootcamp in Ironhack Barcelona.

This new tool tries to offer the companies a new way to give feedback to the managers, a task that is becoming more and more important nowadays. Employees and managers want to give and receive feedback respectively because this makes the team improve and grow. Although performance review is a common activity in many companies, manager review seems to be in a second place. Moreover, companies are relying on external software services to perform different tasks, but there is still no tool for this specific purpose. …

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Food is an interesting topic. The majority of people like eating. However, cooking is a different story. It could be a hobby for some, and a nightmare for others (“what am I going to eat today?”).

The purpose of this project was to develop from scratch a native app for Android OS at a high-fidelity level in only 5 days. This exercise was part of the 4th week of a UX/UI Design Bootcamp in Ironhack Barcelona.

Being part of a Bootcamp like this is hard, especially if you are an adult, live alone, want to eat healthily and still save some money. Every evening I got home late, tired and starving. Every day I find myself playing with the same ingredients, trying to cook a decent dish for dinner. With this intense feeling around, also present in my colleagues, I came out with the idea of a menu planner app, that is, something that helps people to organize their menus during the week. …

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The purpose of this 4-day-project was to develop a wellness app until a low-medium fidelity level. This exercise was part of the second week of a UX/UI design Bootcamp in Ironhack Barcelona.

Wellness is a wide concept. However, my background as a psychologist drove my interest in the area of emotional and occupational wellness. I wanted to know how social media affect these two areas of wellness. We are constantly receiving inputs from social media: messages, friend requests, likes, updates, etc. This stream of information overloads our cognitive resources, creating stress and less capacity (resources) to focus on other activities.


In order to narrow the topic and get to know my audience, I conducted research with online surveys and in-person interviews. …

How did I make my first interactive screens with Invision

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Wireframing is a fantastic tool to put all your ideas on paper and evaluate if they suit the process you are looking for for the user. However, although images help us a lot, interaction between them can give us a better idea about how the product might work. When we add interaction to our wireframes we are giving they live, and it is easier to see where are possible gaps in the process.

In this exercise, I was trying to put some point of interactivity into my wireframes of the emov app (if you want to read about my experience, click here). At the beginning, I only drawed a couple of screens. When I started prototyping, I realized how many connections could be between my screens and how many buttons without answers I was left in the previous step. I drawed 4 or 5 additional wireframes to make sense to the user experience. If you want to try my prototype, click here to access the project. If the workflow is well designed no instructions are needed, but just in case you feel lost, try to sign in or log in in the app, then change the filters on the map and look for the car you most like! …

Emov, enjoy electric cars in your city

Products are the result of a long and careful designing process. It begins with a user research and context of use research and “ends” -if we can say that- testing and releasing the product to the general audience.

Designers have a large toolbox to get the best results, that is, those which let the users achieve their goals with the app (or any other interactive product) and feel satisfied. This collection of tools are thought to help designers to achieve this objective, saving time and money at the same time.

One of my favorite tools are wireframes. Basically, they help designers to focus on the functionality of a product, instead of spending time in other visual considerations. This last part is also important, but it will be nothing if we create a product that is messy, difficult to learn, unreadable, slow, hard, etc. Wireframes let designers make quickly changes according to the team’s feedback. …

Once you’ve explored a little bit the interface of a new tool, it is necessary to get your hands dirty with some easy, but challenging tasks. This is the only way to really understand how a software works and learn and integrate the commands to move confidently through it.

I had already done my homework with Sketch, that is, reading some basic articles, watching some tutorials and practising with very simple shapes (if you want to see my very first attempt, click here). Now, it was time to try with a more difficult task. I wanted to design two screens of a low cost travel app: the log in screen and the itinerary screen. …

Aranzazu del Castillo Figueruelo

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