How does one (govt., friend, all knowing arbiter) improve someone else’s mental state?
Roy Mathew

Great question, first of all that “Someone else” has to be willing to change, and usually that’s triggered by personal experiences or following advices from people that might be seen as leaders.

Then education’s way, but it’s not enough with traditional finance courses but to integrate people, allowing them to cooperate into something that will challenge them to do more with less, and there is one in particular that I find fascinating;

1:00 pm time for lunch, teaming up lets say 5, 6 people who do not know each other are freed from their wallets and cellphones (Safely stored until the game ends) and given the challenge to go to the streets and have lunch.

Strange challenge right? Well, lets find out how are they going to lunch without money, how are they going to team up and be creative to earn some bucks.

The results are amazing, I’ve seen from teams going acapella, quick massages, (Not free) hugs, personal advices and theatre. Producing enough to eat from in McDonalds, to in the finest restaurant in town.

We are social beings and the key is to learn by leveraging on each other talent and abilities.

Something practical is to teach them to start dividing income into accounts (Normal savings, fun, INVESTMENTS, long term savings, own education, and charity/helping)

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