Wanna work hard? Probably you can do better

I’m trying to focus on doing hard work and keeping aside all the fake work. It’s very easy to distinguish between work in general and entertainment. Sadly, it’s not as easy to discern between fake and hard work.

It’s known that entertainment doesn’t guide to success. Yes, it can help us to get relaxed, but the time we should spend on relaxing is small. Thus, as it’s simple to know what is entertainment (e.g. TV, games) if we want, we can avoid them without too much problem.

In contrast, it’s tough to know what is hard work and what is fake work. For example, both can be boring and effortful. The motivation in differentiating between hard and fake work it’s clear: we want to be successful -by definition, the hard work is the direct path to it.

In consequence, I’m analyzing the different ways to identify hard work, here are the things I found:


Although hard work is almost always laborious, usually we can find fake work that has the same or more difficult. Thus, we can say that if some work is easy, it’s not going to be hard work. However, if the work is challenging, we can’t draw conclusions.


The more conditions we put to the hard work, the more it’s converted to fake work. For instance, I was looking to learn English in a matter of weeks, without dedicating too much time neither paying too much money. I put so many conditions that, in retrospective, it makes a lot of sense that I would get nothing of my try of learning English.

We can do fake work at any time, without too much preparation, and putting a lot of conditions in it.

That doesn’t happen with the hard work. The hard work is a defined path, and we can’t change it. In most cases, we adapt to the hard work.

Motivation to start

This point seems to me as a very efficient. We often require a lot of effort to start some hard-working activity. For instance, I need a lot of willpower to start doing sport or writing essays.

In contrast, when I’m doing fake work, it’s easy to start. I can watch a YouTube video in a matter of two clicks. I can read one random essay in five seconds. Without almost any effort I can do something extremely similar to work.

I think that it’s good to hesitate if it’s very easy to start some activity.

Reading one random book is as easy to find as useless to read.

Reading the book we need for our needs is as difficult to find as useful to read.

People opinions

What the people say about what you do can be nonsense, but common sense is very stable and straightforward that maybe we can make some conclusions.

Most of the people aren’t going to be supportive nor happy with you if you do hard work. Doing hard work requires a lot of effort, and some people simply don’t want to know that what they are doing is fake work. If you do hard work, then you will demonstrate them that they can do a lot more to achieve success. In general, the people have shields that protect them of thinking that what they are doing is crap.

Imagine that, from all the people, we take the portion of them that think they are doing hard work. The majority of that people is doing fake work so we can take the average of what they are doing and take that as an example of fake work.


No great thing can be achieved in a day. All the important things the humanity did, took years or even decades. A startup, for example, may take five years of full-time work. Be an excellent programmer may take ten years. And yet, we are trying to learn a new language in ten days, or we are reading a book/essay/article about “How to be successful in ten days.” We must leave our anxiety of getting results in the short term.


Imagine that we are studying since two hours ago, and we take a break to get some snack before continue studying another two hours. Depending on the activity, we can have two very different behaviors in the break: (a) we make the duration of the break as lengthen as possible or (b) we finish the break ASAP to get back to work.

It’s likely that in the former case we are not doing hard work and we do in the latter. Usually, the difference between the two cases is whether we like what we are doing or not. It requires a lot of effort to do hard work in something we don’t like. I think that is more efficient to spend that willpower to do hard work instead of entertainment / fake work.