Reasons Why You Should Use Nash Exchange Platform

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Nash Exchange (NEX)

If you are interested in the stock exchange, then you must know what an exchange platform is. An exchange platform is a web tool or mobile-based tool that helps traders to purchase and sell stocks or assets easily and effectively. Thus, choosing the best one is crucial to ensuring the success of your exchange.

Many companies offer their exchange platform but I suggest you choose an exchange platform from a trusted company only. Since trading platforms dealing with your financial asset, you should consider a company that offers a non-custodial trading platform. Nash in the company that its exchange platform is fully non-custodial. You can safely and easily use Nash’s platform to trade, make payments, and invest since it does not control your funds.

Nash Exchange

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Trade, Pay, Invest

Nash has three products: Nash Exchange, Funds Management, and Nash Mobile. Nash Exchange is based on blockchain that has better security than traditional service. Most of the blockchain-based exchanges are commonly slow and hard to use. However, Nash developed it with innovative technology and a great user interface. As a result, Nash Exchange has processed more than ten thousand transactions.

The interface is very friendly for both experienced users or even beginners. The interface is designed well so that a beginner without prior experience of using an exchange platform can master it in no time. There are two modes that you can use, Basic and Pro. In Basic mode, you can buy and trade easily with just one click. In Pro mode, various important features are available to help you analyze the market before making any decision.

Nash Exchange is not a centralized exchange. It is not the third man that helps you conduct an exchange transaction. Remember that a centralized exchange is lacks of security since it has your funds custody, which means it is vulnerable to liquidation and hacks. It would never happen with Nash Exchange because you are the one who controls your own funds. Your private keys would never come in contact with the main server. It is heavily encoded on your computer. To give you extra protection, the matching engine of off-chain form Nash is a distributed system.

Nash Exchange also has three additional features. The first feature is unparalleled performance. Even though it is not a centralized exchange, Nash Exchange performance rivals the speed and volume of centralized exchanges. The second feature is the vast number of chains. It is not limited to only one blockchain so that it can support you to conduct exchanges on all major digital assets. The last feature is that it can handle complex orders effortlessly. Because Nash is using the matching engine of off-chain, it can easily manage complex orders on various markets and limits. To find out more about Nash Exchange features, you can visit the official page here.

Funds Management

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After you have done making exchange transactions, the second product of Nash’s Funds Management will come in handy to manage your funds. Funds Management will ease you in tracking and moving your funds. Thanks to its well-designed user interface, your funds’ details will be presented clearly and attractively. It does not only offer a clean look but also tight security for your digital asset. According to its official release, it also offers various blockchain wallets. You may choose which wallet that suits your needs.

Funds Managements is developed by Nash but the master key to access your funds is still on your hands. The zero-knowledge key manager is implemented to ensure that their system would never lay hand on your funds. However, Nas also offers various blockchain wallets. To make the transfer system simple, it has an innovative transfer system. With this platform, you will no longer be doing multiple deposits or withdrawal pages. With one button and one window, the transfer process can be done simply. Thus, you can easily and safely transfer funds between your wallet and the exchange or making withdrawals and deposits.

Nash Mobile

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All-in-one wallet

When it comes to exchange in trading, every second count. The last product of Nash, Nash Mobile, will be beneficial to help you monitor the market anytime and anywhere. Also, Nash Mobile allows you to purchase, sell, and save digital currency using your smartphone. It is a swiss army for digital assets from trading to purchasing. Moreover, the payment system is supported with automatic currency conversion.

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