Trend Profiteer Review

Some factors that ensure that currency prices will always be changing include: interest rate fluctuations, changing economic policies and news, political stability Trend Profiteer (or lack thereof), central bank intervention, and international trade and investment, and many others.

The forex market fluctuations are, simply stated, the “tug of war” between all the market participants at any particular time. The buyers will prevail for a while (rising prices), and then the sellers will win for a time (falling prices).

Large banks and corporations will trade the forex market to “hedge”. The simple definition of hedging is to protect their businesses and market positions from falling currency prices, since much of a multi-national bank or corporation’s business is done outside their own country. Hedging protects them from the fluctuations in the currencies’ value.

Most online forex traders fall under the category of “speculators”. This denotes people who enter the market to attempt to profit from the price fluctuations. That’s us! The challenge for us is to develop a trading system, learn good money management, and educate ourselves enough in technical and fundamental analysis to be able to make a profit at our forex trading.

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