About Me

(Latest update Feb. 25, 2018)


Hi, everyone! Thanks for visiting my post!

I’m a sophomore at the University of Tokyo, belonging to the Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics Department.

This story is my profile to be read by all visitors before reading my other posts.

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Brief Personal history

Academic Background

2015.4- The University of Tokyo


2018.3 Mercari Bold Scholarship for SXSW 2018 (Scholarship)

2018.2- Inami Hiyama Laboratory (Research Assistant)

2017.8–2017.9 Gunosy Inc. (Data Analysis)

2017.3–2017.7 div Inc. (TECH::CAMP VR mentor)


Programming Language: C#, SQL, Python, C/C++

VCS: git/GitHub

Library: OpenCV

3D Engine: Unity

Device: ARKit, HoloLens, Vuforia, RealSense

Interests and Future Prospects

I’m fond of the entertainment powered by the technology. So, I often go appreciating the exhibition of teamLab Inc., Naked Inc. and so on.

In the future, I want to engage in the job related to both technology and entertainment. Therefore, in the near future, I want to get the research position of Disney Research or such workplace.


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