What's the Brazilian market adaption strategy?

To start with, I’d like to clarify that what I’m saying here is directed specifically to the Brazilian market, where the little I’ve seen took me to question this amazingly creative and incredibly delayed format when compared to the little I’ve seen abroad.

It’s been some time since we all started talking, posting, questioning about what’s there to come and how agencies would survive and digital taking over, how digital can not pay for our Cannes Lions creatives and working model, old school media and advertising that not always put strategy, ROI or KPI’s at first and so goes.

So, I just came back from a trip to the North Pole. Yes, pretty amazing and yes, I will use it as a comparative. Do you know what else is amazing? How everything there is adapting to the new, warmer, environment. As we had an increase of 1 or 2 degrees in our continents, the Artic had an increase between 2 and 4 degrees in the temperature. As a consequence, we are starting to observe animals behaving differently, adapting. Different species of whales that hunt together, killer whales hunting in new, social, ways, polar bears that climb mountains due to the lack of ice, reindeers migrating to other parts of the land.

They adapt, we don’t.

Mainly, we are still waiting for the temperature to go back to it’s normal average. And trying to hunt on our own in melting ice or believing that our skills don’t need improvement and that we are not the ones that need to adapt. It’s the environment.

Our market it’s definitely not in it’s best time with all of our political and economical issues. But other than studying, talking, posting, what have you done to collaborate with the new scenery?

If you could not blame anyone or anything, what would you do to change in order to survive? And for how long will we believe on better days to come instead of embracing and trying to learn with all that’s happening right now?

And to all other professionals that I’ve met that are in constant movement: What’s the secret?

The biggest barrier to adapting is mindset. Adapt or Die (and then reborn)?