4 Ways to Laugh More; Because laughing makes you feel good and Happy

High Light News: Laughing makes you feel great. Well, perhaps that is not so surprising. But try to consider the last time you laughed — odds are, it might have been a time ago. Preoccupied with all our grownup responsibilities we adults simply don’t giggle as frequently as we all did when we were children.

We should, however! Laughing has been demonstrated to decrease stress, improve immunity, enhance blood circulation and strengthen relationships.

Whether you laugh at Amy Schumer’s stand-up, knock-knock jokes, Modern Family or your spouse’s newscaster imitation, here’s how and why you should do more of it:

1. Don’t feel good? Stay home and watch Zoolander.

Rx Laughter, a nonprofit organization, partnered with the University of California, Los Angeles Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center to Examine the pain-alleviating Ramifications of humor One of the center’s pediatric patients. The investigators discovered that the 7- to 16-year-olds expressed pain better while seeing humorous videos. Plus it did not matter if the children laughed loudly or even awakened — only thinking the video was amusing diverted them from the discomfort of the process.

Other studies show that laughing reduces stress hormones and soothes feel-good hormones.

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