7 Ways to Save Money by Simplifying Your Life; get your happiness

Life easily becomes overwhelming with commitments to friends and family, work demands, and devices consuming your attention. On busy days, you feel like a hamster racing in its wheel, wrapped in red tape. You begin to wonder if everything in life comes with a price tag.

At times, it’s necessary to take a step back and observe how life is going. Is it all too much?

Maybe it’s time to simplify. Live a happier and more fulfilling life by getting back to basics and saving money in the process:

1. Redefine “enough.”

Do you have all that you want or need? Do you have “enough”? Modern culture is built on socially persuading everyone to need more because you deserve it. Once you have a new possession, you must upgrade or update it to keep current, relevant and functional. You spend more to be comfortable, but are you? Have you had enough?

For your personal sanity, redefine what enough really means to you: financially, physically, emotionally, morally and more. Forget everyone else’s definition of “enough.” You are enough.

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