Don’t Worry Be Happy; 8 Things Killing Your Productivity

I don’t know about you, but I often feel an enormous amount of pressure to produce more. No matter how efficient I am, I’m always looking for ways to increase both the quality and quantity of positive results.

There are eight significant factors that hold us back from getting positive results, but there are ways to improve on these factors, to unlock your potential and become an unstoppable force in whatever you’re trying to achieve.

What influences productivity?

There are factors that contribute to a loss or gain of productivity:

  • Criticism: Both positive and negative feedback have been shown to increase productivity. Conversely, nonconstructive, negative feedback actually damages work output and quality.
  • Stress: People who are less stressed produce more (and higher quality) work than their stressed-out counterparts.
  • Energy: Not surprisingly, having lots of energy results in higher production.
  • Technology: With the right tools and business processes, you can transform a good team into an unstoppable one.
  • Purpose: With measurable goals and understanding why you do something, you’ll work more consistently and at a higher standard.
  • Attitude: Happy people work more and produce better results.
  • Personal Bias: Different people work better under different conditions.
  • Distractions: Obviously.

Here are some techniques to help you increase your output while maintaining a high standard:

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